Attempting to enter US embassy re Gaza Freedom March #GFM

Small group attempting to enter US embassy to request meeting with ambassador on behalf of Gaza Freedom March. Jodie Evans, myself two others. Egyptian security tried to make us leave but we are staying put and they've backed off. We are standing ground asking for meeting.

Other Gaza Freedom Marchers enroute.

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Gaza Freedom Marchers to continue actions in Cairo, maintain pressure for border to be opened #GFM

Buses, hired to take the bulk of marchers from Cairo to Al Arish this morning, did not show up as scheduled, on instructions from the government. We know that some marchers who traveled to Al Arish on their own have been prevented from proceeding further. This was not a surprise. Tomorrow, 29 December, Gaza Freedom Marchers will continue with actions in Cairo, a day, incidentally that Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to visit. We are keeping up the pressure with the intent that Egypt should open the border and allow us to go to Gaza. Stay tuned for updates tomorrow. Goodnight!

85 year old Holocaust Survivor Hedy Epstein Begins Hunger Strike to Open Gaza Borders #GFM

Monday, December 28, 2009

85 year old Holocaust Survivor Hedy Epstein Begins Hunger Strike to
Open Gaza Borders

Hedy Epstein, the 85 year old Holocaust survivor and peace activist,
announced that she will begin a hunger strike today as a response to
the Egyptian government’s refusal to allow the Gaza Freedom March
participants into Gaza.

Ms. Epstein was part of a delegation with participants from 43
countries that were to join Palestinians in a non-violent march from
Northern Gaza towards the Erez border with Israel calling for the end
of the illegal siege. Egypt is preventing the marchers from leaving
Cairo, forcing them to search for alternative ways to make their
voices heard.

Ms. Epstein will remain outside the UN building at the World Trade
Center (Cairo) - 1191 Cornish al-Nil, throughout today, accompanied
by other hunger strikers. "It is important to let the besieged Gazan
people know they are not alone. I want to tell the people I meet in
Gaza that I am a representative of many people in my city and in other
places in the US who are outraged at what the US, Israeli and European
governments are doing to the Palestinians and that our numbers are
growing," Epstein said.

In 1939, when Epstein was just 14, her parents found a way for her to
escape the persecution, sending her on the Kindertransport to England.
Epstein never saw her parents again; they perished in Auschwitz in
1942. After World War II, Epstein worked as a research analyst at the
Nuremberg Trials of Nazi doctors who performed medical experiments on
concentration camp inmates.

After moving to the US, Epstein became an activist for peace and
social justice causes. Unlike most Holocaust survivors, one of the
causes she has taken up is that of the Palestinian people. She has
traveled to the West Bank, collected material aid and now she hopes to
enter Gaza.