Video: Ali Abunimah, Congressman Brian Baird, Jonathan Sacerdoti debate peace process on Riz Khan show

Is the US losing its grip on the Middle East peace process?

Israeli-Palestinian talks have reached a deadlock following US failure to convince Israel to extend a freeze on illegal settlement-building in occupied Palestinan territories.

Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, says there can be no negotiations until there is a complete halt to the construction of Israeli settlements. Abbas has also been campaigning for international recognition of the Palestinian state, which so far has been accepted by Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. Washington has condemned those actions as detrimental to the peace process.

Meanwhile, some former European leaders are pushing for a tougher stance against Israel, urging the European Union to impose sanctions.

On Monday's Riz Khan, we ask: Where exactly is this roadmap to peace going?

We will be joined by: Ali Abunimah, the co-founder of Electronic Intifada, a non-profit online publication that covers the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; Brian Baird, a US congressman who has visited Gaza several times; and Jonathan Sacerdoti, an independent commentator on the Middle East.

This episode aired on Monday, December 13, 2010.