Israeli propaganda photo in Haaretz of man with knife make no sense #FreedomFlotilla

This is an Israeli propaganda photo and caption that appeared on the website of Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

There's a number of things not credible about this:

  1. The Israeli assault took place in darkness. There is bright daylight coming through the window.
  2. Who took the picture? The Israeli commandos supposedly being threatened with stabbing? It's a great picture!
  3. Everyone behind the man with the knife looks quite calm and not as if they are under attack by the Israeli army.
  4. People on the ship were ordered to wear life jackets before the Israeli attack and most were on the video feed. No one is in this picture.
  5. How do they know he's a "left-wing activist"? He doesn't fit my stereotype of a left-wing activist. Did they take the time to interview him while he was supposedly trying to stab them?

Reality check: If this photo even comes from the ship it shows a man carrying a ceremonial dagger, perhaps in a demonstration of bravado in front of cameras and journalists. What it certainly wouldn't do is justify a military assault on the high seas and the murder and wounding of dozens of civilians on a humanitarian aid ship. After all, suppose they had lots of daggers on the ship, what were they going to do, sail to Gaza and "stab" Israel?

Israeli propaganda keeps finding new bottoms. (h/t )